Passionate and involved, our creations are the fruits of the market knowledge and its needs. Our goal is to provide best shopfitting solutions in accordance with our values. We sincerely strive to become a committed professional actor to provide innovative solutions allowing equipment of high-level brands’ sales areas.

Convinced that we are just a solutions provider to the global issue of our end-users, we seek to create a Distributor / Integrator network that enable us to provide a comprehensive response to our customers. We work seamlessly so that our customers have an entire satisfaction of our products and services.

  • Smart

    Our products are created on the basis of a thorough market analysis and its needs. They consider all related constraints.

  • Technic

    Featuring state-of-the-art industries, our products are made with high skilled teams and high-quality materials.

  • Reliable

    Reinforced by a 26 years’ experience and strong industrial partners, our products are qualitative and offer perfect finishes.

  • Design

    Our products are created on the basis of a thorough market analysis and its needs. They consider all related constraints.

  • Qualitative

    Our goods have been designed to comply with the highest retail brands. We input the same quality requirement in our products.

  • Innovative

    Being different is our aim and we design our store fixtures accordingly. Material, treatments and production methods are totally new in this domain.

How and why we arrived on the shopfitting market ?

Through this video, learn more about us and our abilities. As a start-up, things change so fast and it’s always good to know how we started.


Our facilities extend over more than 40,000 square meters and are equipped with the latest genera on machinery for working on metal, wood and plastic. Moreover we are surrounded by specialist manufacturers excelling in their fields.

Metal and Wood work

Sheet metal, tube or the steel wire have no secrets for us. Laser cutting, automated tube cutting, bending, welding and powder coating are realized on our plants.

The proceedings of solid wood or laminated panels are performed on a wide range of CNC machines.

Our manufacturing facilities are based in Jiaxing, Pinghu.

Zamak injection

Located on the outskirts of Jiaxing Pinghu, our partner provided more than 70% of its production in Europe and particularly in Germany.

The level of requirement from his customers prompted him to reach quality levels rarely achieved in this domain.

Our products now benefit from his professionalism.

Electronic and lighting

Complying with the highest safety standards, our electrical products and lighting systems are realized in our historical partner’s factory.

Based in the suburbs of Shanghai, the 3,000 square meters factory allow us to guarantee a very high level production.

The engineering office provides us products that consider the latest technologies.


Located in the outskirts of Shanghai, our partner earned its leers of nobilities working with the Computer and Electronic Industry whose we
know the level of demand!

He assures us today of very high quality treatments.

He can offer a wide range of color.


INNOFIXT is the combination of two companies from the Store Equipment domain.


ShanYoung, based in Jiaxing, Pinghu (China), specialized in the manufacture and distribution of supermarket display equipment.


Store Equipment Partners, based in Hong Kong and Belgium, specialized in the study and development of sales area furnitures mainly focused on retailers and major distributors.


From this association was born INNOFIXT with the project to develop equipment ranges to offer shopfitting solutions to our customers.


We strive to take into consideration, beyond aesthetics and functionality, all related constraints, namely: flexibility, modularity, personalization, weight, volume, logistics, storage …

Design and Production capacities



Based in Europe – Belgium, our research department consists of designers and engineers.


Using the latest design and 3D modeling softwares, our team studies your future display solutions.


We strive to be continuously informed of new trends and new technology in order to integrate them into our concepts and thus to have constantly updated furniture.


Inspired by a European culture, but world oriented, our creations reflect the current trends with a look toward the future.



Based in Asia – China, our factory is equipped with the latest generation machines.


This allows us to control the whole process that makes our concepts become reality!


Around us, a powerful network of partners specialized in the production intended for the industrial world accompany us to provide products that meet the market demands.