A smart system* to get 12/24V electric power. When and where you want.


A solution that could be integrated in all your furniture

A range that content a 25cm power strip, 2 kind of magnetic plugs and 2 power connectors.


Studied to be slid into INNOTRACK profile, you can integrate them in your own furniture by creating an adapted groove.


No more cabling constraints ! Now you’re free to power on your lighting fixtures as desired.

Get power whenever
and wherever

A plastic power strip with copper connectors and magnets. Made according to INNOTRACK's groove dimensions.

2 kind of magnetic plugs: 1 by the front (INNOTRACK) and one by the side (INNOWALL).

2 secured connectors allowing the electric power supply at the start of your installations.

Additional accessories to let you set in its entirety your lighting matters and power supply.

It's the end of unsightly cables, you can now enjoy an efficient and aesthetic solution!


Power strip 25 cm with a 5 cm pitch. Wherever you have something to power there is a slot. It has been studied to receive either 12V or 24V.


The connecting system doesn’t need any tool. Just pile the power strips and magnet our specific plugs.


It has been created for the low voltage (12/24 V) no risk to be electrocuted. You can manipulate and touch everywhere safely. Of course it meets the CE norms and has been certfied!

Around INNOPOWER Concept :


Different cable lenghts : 70mm / 150 mm / 250 mm


Different voltages and intensities : 12V / 30W - 12V / 60W - 12V / 100W - 24V / 30W - 24V / 60W - 24V / 100W


Between the elements : 220V cable / Transformer - 110V cable / Transformer - 1,5m cable Transfo/Connector - 2,0m cable Transfo/Connector - 2,5m cable Transfo/Connector


A wide range of led lights to place under your shelves, to stick on your furniture. Different shapes, voltages and lenghts.