A Toothed Upright system*, lateral fixing, offering numerous possibilities.


A wall upright to combine with InnoTube

A concept of 30×30 mm aluminum profile equiped with toothed plastic parts on both side in order to place accessories between.


Some dedicated accessories in order to display your
products. Easy to install and mixable with INNOTUBE, you can create your ambiances stressless.


No any more ugly slots in front of your uprights.

Dressing your walls with a stylish upright

An extruded aluminum profile designed to receive toothed plastic part laterally and electric option at the back.

Dedicated accessories allow you to display your goods for sale.

A high-quality finishing treatment : Anodization that gives to the surface an high resistance and an uncomparable aspect.

An incredible power supply system that you can slide at the back of the profil to let you light on your goods and great ambiences.

Be creative, it has been studied to be combined with INNOTUBE !


With its flat front face and square shape this profile is very pure and elegant. Without visible screw or fixing plate, it looks like built in the wall.


With a pitch of 25mm, you can place your accessories precisely and optimise your merchandising. Can supply dedicated accessories.


At the back of the profile, you can slide our electric supply option or a LED light. Alternatively, you can cover it.

You can choose :

Lenght of your profile

From 1000 to 2250 mm.


Check our color range or according to your quantity ask for a personalized one.


Because you can fix it everywhere check our range of connectors that can match with INNOTUBE as well!

Electric options

Lighting, or electric power supply.

Dedicated accessories

Loading bars / Broaches and pegs / Shelves / ...