An innovative system* of tubular connectors
that allows creation of wide range of structures.


Create your own structures

Our 30 x 30 tubes enable you to realize presentation or scripting stuctures that you have imagined…


In aluminum and provided with Zamak connectors, the tubes interconnect easily and in all directions*


You no longer have to transport bulky and voluminous structures. Easy and toolless assembly, it can be done by your store staff and requires no expertise.


*More than 70 kind of connectors

Tubular structures without constraint

A wide range of aluminum tubes 30x30 thickness 2mm with all its properties : Weight, strenght, technical properties, ... Equiped, a its extremities, with injected zamak parts

A plain aluminum cubic connector that gives a high quality impression which receive as needed injected conical parts that can fit inside the inner tube’s zamack parts.

A high-quality finishing treatment : Anodization that gives to the surface a high resistance and an uncomparable aspect.

No matter how big is your creation, it is dimantable !


A wide range of tubes and connectors. 8 different tube lenghts and more than 70 kind of connectors.


Tubular structures are big, light and with a lot of empty spaces. Dismantable system is the unique solution to avoid wasted money.


A concept based on tubes and multiple-direction connectors. With its no-tool system, INNOWALL is the best flexible solution.

You can choose :

Lenght of the tube

From 300 to 1800 mm.


between more than 70 models multi directions / multi angles / with adjustable jacks.


Check our color range and Let us know which color for your tubes and your connectors. Of course tubes and connectors finishing can be different.

Specific tubes and connectors

This unless solution lets you create your own structures so please don’t hesitate to tell us your need.