The Wall system unique in the world* that
allows Vertical and Horizontal hanging.

A new way to display your products

This new concept allows to dress the walls of your stores in order to hang, at your convenience, necessary accessories to promote your products for sale.


You now have more flexibility and you can optimize your sales area. Your presentations are more dynamic and less constrainted than in the past.


Go ahead, be creative!

Simple, efficient and easy to install

A MDF panel adapted to your configuration, to get a perfect flat surface however wall conditions.

A set of Primary fixing frames to receive the 600 x 600 panels.

A set of our unique 600 x 600 panel that already integrates the sloted area and the specific shape that allows to hang the accessories.

A set of Finishing edge to make your wall like decorating panel.

At your choice, some dedicated accessories to display efficiently your goods.


With its square panels and its elegant edging, your wall is pure and enhance your products.


You can hang accessories vertically and horizontally. Your implementation is more dynamic and flexible. To display garment, cosmetics, leather, goods ...


No more big and heavy panels to ship ! Now panels can be placed on pallets and shipped all over the world.

You can choose :

Panel configuration

4x3, 3x3, 2x3, ...

Panel color

RAL range or on request.

Electric option

You can get 12V electric power all over the panel.

Peripherical Edging color

RAL range or on request.

Corner shape

Rounded, sharp, with a 45° angle or on request.


Shelf, loading bar, peg, broche or cube.